Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Stuff

I've got friends coming for the weekend, so I will be busy cooking today, but I will try and get on the computer when I can. I could see by reading through blogs and news items yesterday, that I wasn't alone in my anger about how 'Joe the Plumber' is being attacked for just asking a perfectly legitimate question. People are seething about this, as well they should be. Let's face it. If Obama had just answered something like, "I am going to raise taxes a bit on those making that, but 95% of Americans get a tax cut." Which has been his usual talking point on the matter, then this whole thing would never have been on the news at all.

What made it news was Obama's answer. It revealed a fundamental truth about Obama and that can't be tolerated in an Obamanation.

This is a good thing. We needed to get angry about this sort of thing. If this doesn't bring out the base, nothing will.

I got an e-mail from the Obama campaign (I'm on a e-mail list somewhere) that was asking for phone volunteers. It said in the e-mail that Al Gore was double digits ahead in October in 2000. Which shows me that the Obama campaign is very nervous that they can't close the deal. The polls are tightening. It's all about the 'get out the vote' now. And let's hope it's not about 'get out the ineligible vote.'

In other news, sometimes the left falls over itself trying to prove that the G.O.P is racist and hatemongering. And since that is absurd, they end up falling on their face when trying to prove it.

Case in point? Leftwing Talking Points Memo published a mailer from the Virginia GOP yesterday that he says shows a picture Obama's (eyes only) with the caption, "America must look evil in the eye and never flinch." Talking Points Memo was horrified! That is until someone pointed out to him that the picture was not Obama, ..............but Osama bin Laden.

He tried to sputter an excuse, but I'm guessing he just thinks all brown people look alike, right? Look here for the pic and Talking Points Memo's effort to save face (so to speak).

Never mind that the rest of the mailer had pics of the President of Iran, Mohammad Khatami, North Korea leader Kim Jong-il, and Hugo Chavez. TPM just assumed the "evil" pic was Obama.

Also, it seems there wasn't enough time to sing the National Anthem at an Obama rally yesterday. More important things going on, you know. 2 minutes is a lot time after all.

I guess you heard about Sarah Palin's gaffe where she said, referring to what's important to America, "It happens to be a three letter word, Jobs. J.O.B.S." Yeah. That's a three letter word?! What? You didn't hear about? You didn't hear the endless jokes about it? Oh...wait...That's because it was Joe Biden who said that, NOT Sarah Palin. My bad. I'm sure SNL will be all over it.

Amid all this trash, I hope we don't forget what is at stake at this election. If you want an excellent overview of that, see this Wall Street Journal piece today.

Be afraid. Very afraid.

Now, I'm off to enjoy good food, good wine, and good people. I hope to not think about how our media has become a complete joke.