Friday, September 26, 2008

Here is what I see...

The American people haven't paid near enough attention to this bailout thing (including me) UNTIL John McCain suspended his campaign and went to Washington.

Now that the people have started listening to what this bailout is really about they are starting to say to themselves, "Why should I bail out fat cats on Wall Street and irresponsible people???"

Now there is intense pressure for this particular bill not to go through. The problem is time. This has to be done quickly.

If McCain can come up with either an alternative or change some fundamentals on the bill and get Republicans on board, we can just forget the debates, because we will be looking at our next President.

Because not only will he have stood up the majority (Democrats), but President Bush as well.

Does anyone in Washington have the b*lls that McCain has? Anyone?

That would

I think you guys are seeing why I have always loved this man.