Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hillary on the Convention

Questioner: "Please consider having your name put into nomination."

Hillary: "What will happen at the convention."

"No decision has been made."

"Delegates can decide to do this on their own. They don't need permission."

"I think it would be better if we had a plan."

Isn't this interesting? And then we have Hillary's Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal. It ends like this:

Truman took on the war profiteers because he understood that when the lives of Americans hang in the balance, we cannot afford to misuse even a single dollar. In the Democratic Congress, we’ve proposed a new Truman Committee to address the waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan that has already taken place, a proposal stymied by the president and his allies. And my proposal would prevent waste, fraud and abuse in future contracting.

Of course, we need far more than a Truman Committee. We need the Truman spirit in the White House, where the buck finally stops.

Ah yes. Truman. But you know who Hillary doesn't mention AT ALL in the piece? That would be Obama.

According to Newsweek Hillary supporters just aren't thrilled with Obama yet: (emphasis mine)

But Clinton loyalists say it would be even more divisive if the Obama forces denied her a chance to show her historic level of support as a woman candidate. "Then there would be open warfare," says the Democratic adviser.

CNN has this:

(CNN) – A grassroots organization of Hillary Clinton supporters has announced plans to march in Denver on the same day the New York senator is set to address her party’s faithful during the Democratic convention there.

The march will take place on August 26 and is being organized by 18 Million Voices Rise Hillary Rise. The march will be accompanied by a festival in downtown Denver and additional coordinated marches across the country on the same day

And we thought the convention wasn't going to be as fun as we once thought.

I'm thinking it just might.

via HotAir