Friday, August 01, 2008

Are Republicans getting their MoJo back???

By God, I think so.

From NRO:

I just heard that the House G.O.P. wrapped up their protest session at 5:05 by singing "God Bless America" and left the chamber with the crowd chanting, "USA! USA!" Unbelievable.

Also, I there's this little tidbit — after the Democrats shut off the microphones, Rep. John Shaedegg ran out to turn them on. In an update to the post I linked to earlier, the Politico reports:
Apparently, the fiesty Arizona conservative started typing random codes into the chamber's public address system and accidentally typed the correct code, allowing Republicans brief access to the microphone before it was turned off again.

"I love this," Shadegg told reporters up in the press gallery afterward. "Congress can be so boring. ... This is a kick."

John Culberson of Texas has been twittering the whole thing and it has been a hoot to read. Twitters like this:

This is a huge peprally to give America a vote - just let us vote - to drill here drill now to get us through the next 10 to 15 years

House floor and gallery are full of Americans who came to the Capitol to see Congress work yet Speaker Pelosi sent us all home

And she turned off the lights on her way out apparently.


Cong Mike Rogers says every day Pelosi wastes America sends 50 million to Putin 200 million to Saudi Arabia 180 million to Hugo Chavez

I just told the House chamber We the People can take back the Capitol with these new media tools by networking and shining sunlight everywhere

Go twitter and the Internet. Shine the light into the darkness that is the operation of Congress!

John Culberson is the Congressman that gets the new media. Check him out! (Follow me on twitter too!)

It gets even sweeter:

In total, 48 Republicans spoke on the floor Friday, offering remarks ranging from the impassioned to the plainly partisan. Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter declared, “This is the People’s House. This is not Pelosi’s Politburo.” He later pretended to be a Democrat, walking to their side of the floor to announce all the votes they had prevented.

Let's combine this with McCain not letting Obama get away with his snarky barely hidden remarks on race and I would almost think that Republicans are remembering where they put those thing that Jesse Jackson wanted to cut off Obama!