Monday, February 18, 2008

Strange Things

Here is clip from "Morning Joe" on MSNBC where they show video of Bill Clinton getting into a heated argument with an Obama supporter in the crowd. Later the guy says Clinton popped him in the mouth a bit.

Oh geeze.

God knows I feel no need to defend Bill Clinton, but I doubt seriously he would have even accidently popped someone in the mouth, although there is no doubt Clinton is angry in the video.

It's crazy how angry Clinton is getting out on the road. But one has to admit that the media is making a big deal out it too.

Also in the video is Obama repeating the words of Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts governor, used at a campaign rally when he was running for that office in 2006. Deval Patrick naturally defended Obama saying they were friends and shared many things about "politics, policy and language." Not a big deal really. Just embarassing for Obama.

But more than embarassing is Michelle Obama saying that for the FIRST time in her adult life "I am really proud of my country." Now, considering she would say that about the Bush years is understandable since she is a partisan Democrat, but the entire Clinton Presidency is included in there as well. Is this just a slam at Clinton or is Michelle not proud of the following things that a reader at NRO pointed out:

She's found nothing in all that time to make her proud of her country? Not the fact that it won the Cold War and liberated tens of millions from totalitarian rule? What about sending billions to ease the plight of millions of AIDS sufferers in Africa? What about the nation's selflessness in stopping genocide in the Balkans when it had no immediate security interest in the region? What about our ability to produce hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who will risk life and limb to liberate two countries from despotic regimes right out of the Dark Ages? Doesn't the Herculean Tsunami Relief effort generate a flicker of national pride?