Saturday, March 18, 2006

Permanent Tax Cuts for the Rich

President Bush proposes we make his tax cuts permanent. I happen to agree, being wealthy myself, since they only benefit me.

But I am willing to consider other points of view, from the left and the right. So I have a couple of specific questions for everyone.

Specific answers please. If you want to rant, we have Open Threads.

1. Do you believe the tax cuts in effect today should be made permanent?

2. Do you believe they benefit the "wealthy" only, or do other taxpayers benefit, i.e. those who are not "wealthy"?

3. Define "wealthy". I'll take annual income or net worth. Set the bar.

4. If you believe the Federal Government should be spending more than it does on some particular thing, tell me what it is, how much more we should spend, and what we are spending now.

To get us started I will say I am done paying into Social Security for the year, but only just recently, and I do not consider myself "wealthy". I recognize this is a subjective definition, so tell me what it means to you.