Friday, January 27, 2006

Some Updates:

Regarding the news ticker and Castro story, Castro is now building a large wall (construction shown here) to hide the freedom promoting messages on a news ticker operated by the US Interests Section in Havana.

has this on Kerry's continued dedication to unlimted abortion:

"On the Senate floor a few minutes ago, John Kerry, back from Davos and gunning for Left-wing money, referred to Stenberg v. Carhart, explaining that the Court did an important thing striking down a Nebraska law that banned partial-birth-abortion, because the Court by doing so protected women's health. Put aside constitutional law and Judge Alito for the moment, because, honestly, that's what the Dems do anyway--none of this filibuster-talk nonsense is about either one--John Kerry certainly sounded proud that a ban on partial-birth-abortion (click here--WARNING--for a visual) was aborted by the Court. Because that's who he aligns himself with--people who think that was, in fact, a good thing. Yeah, he'll never be president. But he could have been."