Thursday, June 23, 2005

There. I said it.

In watching the exchange between Kennedy and Rumsfield today I finally figured some things out. One thing I figured out is that Rumsfield has a lot of class. When Kennedy said "Isn't it time you resigned?" Wouldn't the perfect response have been, "Isn't time that you resigned Senator Kennedy?"

But Rumsfield chose the high road and simply stated that he had in fact offered to resign twice and President Bush had refused it.

But this was the main thing I figured out. Conservatives in general strongly disagree with liberals and fight against them for what we believe is right.

Liberals, on the other hand, don't just disagree with us, they hate us. A deep seething hate that was clearly shown on Senator Kennedy's face.

I notice this in my blogging and reading of the blogs. I read leftie blogs that I totally disagree with or think they are completely wrong, but I never feel hatred toward the blogger. I may leave remarks that show my side, but I don't personally feel a need to insult them. There have been times on this blog when commenters have offended me so much that I have gotten angry and shot back something, but that was a reaction. Liberals don't even need a reason to hate us personally. They just do.

I usually get angry when someone says something personal or denigrates our country, military, or our President. But the liberal commenters here get angry over a simple post of my beliefs. I mean really angry. I cannot imagine myself sending a mean personal hateful e-mail to someone over a post on an issue, no matter how much I disagree with them. I just find that strange.

So I will go farther than Rove here. I'm speaking in general, of course, when I say that we may dispise what liberals believe, but they dispise us.