Friday, May 06, 2005

I am very nervous......

I am having Lasik surgery on my eyes this afternoon. I have a phobia against hospitals and doctors and anything medical. I don't know why. I have been extremely healthy my whole life and the four times I gave birth I did it naturally and was out of the hospital before 24 hrs was up.

I finally had to break down and have this done because I was sick of wearing contacts and I love to swim and I am sick of wearing goggles. But I am VERY nervous. I know this is a fairly routine surgery and the guys doing it here are the best. But the thought of someone peeling back a flap of my eyeball JUST FREAKS ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that I am nervous?

Anyway, I will be off blogging probably until Sunday unless I can get one of my teenagers to blog (which would be very interesting)

Talk among yourselves.

UPDATE: Thanks guys for all your good wishes and prayers. The operation went fine although it was HORRIBLE. The suction thing about killed me. And having to watch him swab my eye was awful, but then this is the one area I am a wimp about--having any sort of medical procedure done. I'm fine with holding other people's hand and watching stuff, just don't touch me!

Anywa,y things didn't go well after that. I did everything they said and wore those shields and went to sleep. Not only did each child come in to tell me something, but our smoke alarms were going off every 30 min. They are tied into the electrical system and the electricity had gone off earlier in the day and I guessed that messed them up. Every time we thought we had it fixed, they would go off again. So that would startle me awake and I would feel a pain in my eyes. After about the 4th time we finally fixed it.

The next morning getting up for the early eye appoitment, I knew something was wrong. Everything was very cloudy and blurry. When I got there and they checked me they said it wasn't uncommon, but my flaps had moved. I think that when I was startled awake and my eyes were so dry, I moved the flaps then, because I sure as heck did as I was told and didn't touch my eyes or squint. So I had to have my flaps smoothed out AGAIN and the doctor put 2 clear contacts on there to make sure they didn't move. I asked him why he didn't just do that with everyone and he said....'Ummm. well there is some discomfort involved."

So about 10 minutes into the drive home my eyes start to hurt so bad I can hardly stand it. By the time we get home I told my hubby to call the doctor and tell him my eyes are hurting BADLY. They said that was normal and the pain should recede in a few hours. A FEW HOURS!!!!! Luckily I had a darvocet let over from my daughter's back injury so I took that and a sleeping pill and I made my daughter come talk to me until I went to sleep. I do not handle pain well.

Even with my sweet daughter rubbing my arm and talking to me I could not get away from this pain. I started doing small leg exercises under my covers. I was trying to remember a book I had read that described old Asian meditations or ways of making one concentrate on something other than the pain. But extreme pain in the eyes is just hard to ignore. Finally I fell asleep and when I woke up about 4 hours later the pain was gone thank God.

This morning my vision seems great. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get the contacts taken out and make sure the flaps are fine. But everything seems good today.

I cannot wait to SWIM!!! Especially in the OCEAN and not worry about contacts. Anyway, thanks again for your good thoughts. I am going to try and get my teenager to blog today anyway because I do think ya'll would enjoy it. Both of my teenagers are as Republican as I am so don't expect any rebellion. Especially on issues of life, they have seen it all with me being in pro-life work and having seen 2 brothers in my womb early on and watching those two miracles grow, they are probably even more against any compromise than I am on the issues of life (that ideal youthful passion, you know).