Tuesday, November 16, 2004

SondraK....good one. Funny goodbye pic to the *stars.*

Some interesting notes from this weeks U.S. News and World Report (the actual magazine)

Nadwan Waed, 22, a Iraqi soldier says his fellow soldiers are as "charged up as their American counterparts." Waed says, "It's good the Americans are here because we need someone strong. I hope that someday we can do it ourselves."


Another interesting tidbit describes Sgt. Jamie Gomez. Listen to this soldier's job. He had $300,000 in American greenbacks shoved into his backback to start outreach efforts to civilians. The team is authorized to pay for destroyed houses and cars, up to $2,500 a person. They are also paving the way for contractors to attempt to upgrade the water and medical facilities, as well as the damaged power plants.
Another soldier is loaded with bags of Jolly Ranchers candy to give to children.

Should I, at this point, make a wisecrack about mean selfish Americans? Nah.